Tsuruoka Japanese Sake Festival 2016 -The Taste of Yamagata-

Shonai in Yamagata Prefecture -a renowned sake-producing region, Flavorful, premier sakes everywhere, Over 100 brands of carefully selected sake, Served by 18 local breweries<br /> Enjoy the best sakes along with Shonai’s summer specialties.

Thank you for your coming to “Tsuruoka Japanese Sake Festival 2016″

Event Digest

Event finished! Next year’s event will be announced at a later date.

Time and Date 2nd July , 2016 (Saturday) Between 11:00 and 18:00
Entry is closed at 17:00
Venue Rice granary in front of Tsuruoka Station (JA Zennoh Yamagata Tsuruoka Storehouse) and a street along the granary
URL: http://yahoo.jp/kRAcpv
Hosted by Shonai Sake Festival Organizing Committee
Co-hosted by Tsuruoka Creative City of Gastronomy Promotion Council
Tsuruoka Sake Brewery Council
Tsuruoka Sake Distribution Cooperative Association
Tickets Advance ticket ¥2,000 (Ticket on the day ¥2,500)
[ How to buy a ticket ]
1. Purchasing a ticket on the Internet
The tickets are available with “e+” from the link below.
*Prior registration is required to use “e+”.
2. How to buy a paper ticket

Available from the following shops, etc.

Tsuruoka city
  • Gastronomy Promotion Office on 5th Floor, Municipal Policy Planning Division, Tsuruoka City Hall
  • Degansu @ Sannou town (Souvenir shop)
  • Tsuruoka city tourist information center @ Tsuruoka station
  • Ebisuya-ten, Hachimonji-ya (Book shop)
  • Shibaraku (Sushi restaurant)
  • BAR ChiC
  • S-Mall
  • Dewa of Society of Commerce and Industry (Head Office)
  • Seven-Eleven @ Nishigou
  • Sunkus @ Midori town
  • Lowson @ Aoyanagi town
  • Hayasaka food store
  • Watanabe liqur shop
  • Koike store
  • Shoji store
  • Suwatomi store
  • Watarai brewery
  • Takenotsuyu brewery
  • Tatenokawa brewery
  • Koikawa brunch
  • Kyoudenya store
  • Miura liquor shop
  • Motonaga store
  • Kunimatsu store
[ Haguro area ]
  • Haguro store
  • Yamabushi Onsen “Yupoka” (Spa)
[ Kushibiki area ]
  • Narita store
[ Atsumi area ]
  • Banraiya liquor store
  • Hibiki store
Sakata city
  • Mizuho Hachimonji-ya (Book shop)
  • Sankyo Storehouse JA Midori Sankyo-kan
  • Seven-Eleven @ Sakata Higashi Izumi 2nd street (Convenience store)
Shonai town
  • Kaneko store
  • Uenoya book shop
Murayama region & Okitama region
  • Onuma department store (Yamagata city)
  • Yoneori tourist information center (Takahata town)
*You can taste 100 brands of sake in the tasting areas.
*A present will be given to visitors in yukata or to newly coming-of-age adults.
Inquiry Secretariat TEL: 0235-25-2111 Ext. 527 and 528
(Gastronomy Promotion Office, Municipal Policy and Planning Division, Tsuruoka City Hall)
Sake brands from 18 breweries in Shonai (Brewery)
Oou-jiman (Oou-jiman), Kiyoizumigawa (Eau de Vie Shonai), Ooyama (Kato Kihachiro Sake Brewery), Kikuisami (Kikuisami), Koikawa (Koikawa Sake Brewery), Joukigen (Sakata Sake Brewery), Yamato Sakura (Sato Sajiemon Sake Brewery), Hakuro Suishu (Takenotsuyu Sake Brewery), Tatenokawa (Tatenokawa Sake Brewery), Uzen Hakubai (Haneda Sake Brewery), Matsumineno Fuji (Matsuyama Sake Brewery), Dewa no Yuki (Watarai Honten Sake Brewery), Kudoki Jouzu (Kamenoi Sake Brewery), Sugiisami (Sugiisami Sake Brewery), Tohoku Izumi (Takahashi Sake Brewery), Hatsu Mago (Tohoku Meijou Sake Brewery), Eikou Fuji (Fuji Sake Brewery), Fumotoi (Fumotoi Sake Brewery)
  • Resale for commercial purposes is prohibited.
  • The ticket is valid for sake tasting only. Food and other items will be available for purchase.
  • Please make sure to check the date when making your purchase.
  • The ticket is valid for the designated date only.
  • The ticket is no longer valid when the stub is detached.
  • The ticket is not reissued even if it is lost, destroyed by fire or damages, etc.
  • The contents of the Festival may be subject to change.