Locals That Interweave Tsuruoka Gastronomy

Foods that interweave time-honored Tsuruoka gastronomy have been further developed in the hands of farmers, fishers, chefs and artisans in the city. We will introduce some of the actors who play pivotal roles in making our gastronomy.

Minden eggplants


Minden eggplants adored by Basho Matsuo Arrived in Dewa Province after traveling in the mountains for days, how lovely the color of early eggplants―These lines were written by Basho Matsuo (1644-1694), a revered Haiku* poet who visited Tsuruoka following a … Read more. >>

Gassandake bamboo shoots Part 2


Harvesting of Gassan bamboo shoots begins when the snow-capped peak of Mt. Gassan gradually starts to melt in June. On Mt. Gassan, there are particular places where only locals are allowed to harvest. We traveled together with Mr. Sato to … Read more. >>

Gassandake bamboo shoots Part 1


Gassandake bamboo (bamboo shoots that are harvested on Mr. Gassan) Mr. Toshikazu Sato, a representative of Sato Farm Gassandake bamboo shoots, with their soft white flesh, crunchy texture and rich flavor, are a type of bamboo shoot and blessings from the … Read more. >>

Moso (bamboo shoots) farmer


The people of Tsuruoka love moso (pronounced as “mowsow”). Some Tsuruokans use moso for miso broth with sake lees, and for moso-jiru (miso-based soup with moso). Some edacious residents eat them almost everyday when moso is in season. Here, moso … Read more. >>

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