Locals That Interweave Tsuruoka Gastronomy

Foods that interweave time-honored Tsuruoka gastronomy have been further developed in the hands of farmers, fishers, chefs and artisans in the city. We will introduce some of the actors who play pivotal roles in making our gastronomy.

Kano Vegetable Farm


Driving along a mountain road, a little far from the central Fujishima area, we realized that we were well into the forests. Then, all of a sudden, the skyscape above us broadened before our eyes and a farm appeared in … Read more. >>



Karakara-sembei – a fortune cookie-like sweet with a miniature folk toy inside – Tsuruoka’s traditional local confectionery Tsuruoka, the castle town with 400 years of history, boasts local traditional confectioneries that have been passed down from ancient times. These include … Read more. >>

“Haguro Men-yo,” Sheep meat


Mr. Kohei Maruyama, a sheep rancher in the Haguro area When it comes to meat, most people might first think of beef, pork or chicken. The Haguro area, however, boasts of sheep as well. There stands a sheepfold of the … Read more. >>



Mr. Shinichi Suzuki, Director of the Grape Section, Farmer’s Market “Aguri” It will soon be the full autumn harvest season and the grape harvest has just begun. At “Aguri,” a Farmer’s Market in the Kushibiki area, it is said that … Read more. >>

Dadacha beans


Dadacha beans are a type of edamame (green soybean) and one of the “indigenous crops” that have been carefully preserved by farmers since the Edo Period (1603-1868) in limited areas around Tsuruoka. Its outer skin is brownish and the beans … Read more. >>

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